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Our Lady of Sorrows & the Four Mysteries

Reduction Woodcut

16” x 20” image | 18” x 24” paper

A black widow, hydrangeas and bees representing sorrow, grief, knowledge and love. The black widow was a resident in my mom's garden that I studied at length. It is a symbol of both beauty and danger embodying power, strength and mystery. It is also considered to be a symbol of intuition and mystery. The spider’s ability to build webs represents the power of creation, while its willingness to kill and consume its prey represents the need for destruction in order to make way for new life. Hydrangeas are often associated with heartfelt emotion, gratitude for understanding and apology. The bee is a symbol of industry, wisdom, birth and rebirth. Bees are often considered guardians of the natural world.

06-Munoz-Steven_Our Lady of Sorrows.jpg
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